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July 2012 - "The Richer - The Better" performed at UK's "Snappy Title" Event

"The Richer - The Better" was performed as part of the UK's New Musicals Network's event "Snappy Title: The Meaning of Happiness". Video coming up.

Nov 2011 - Nadav Wiesel to perform first NYC presentation of The Femme Fatale Show

Nadav Wiesel, Composer and lyricist of "The Femme Fatale Show" will be performing a selection of songs from the show at The Golden Fleece event in NYC. The Golden Fleece's Square One series is dedicated to presenting original musical theater piece that have not yet had a production in New York City.

July 2011 - "The Richer - The Better" at the Stephen Sondheim Student Awards

British actress Hanna Jane Blake performed "The Richer - The Better" from "The Femme Fatale Show" at the Stephen Sondheim Student Performer of the Year Awards in London. See Video on "Songs and Seduction" Page. The UK's STAGE magazine said the song "afforded Blake the chance to show off some sassy comic timing"

August 2010 -Femme Fatale Plays in London's Camden Fringe Festival

"The Femme Fatale Show" has premiered as part of the Camden Fringe Festival in August 2010. With a Cast of six sensational actresses, and a band of four led by MD Daniel Rein.

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